Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

At Wow Unlimited Media/Rainmaker Entertainment I worked as Character Surfacing Lead involving look development of skin shading for all characters, surfacing of multiple costumes and hair and fur grooms for a majority of the main cast. Some of my work is featured in the clip below.

Breakdown from this specific clip:
skin shader development to final look – all characters
costumes – Nikki and Teresa
hair grooms and shading – Nikki, Mom, Dad, Poppy Reardon and various fixes on other styles

Some more of my groom work on the show includes: a squirrel, barbie styles including beach waves and a ponytail, a baby and a toddler, a cat, two horses (fur adapted/updated from older versions and re-groomed manes), background characters

Some more of my costume work includes barbie’s denim jacket and cupcake challenge outfit, renee and nikki’s swimsuits.


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