The Addams Family Movie

I have been part of the surfacing team at Cinesite Vancouver for the Addams Family Movie, (coming this fall!) working on a variety of assets including those featured in this trailer as follows:

  • House Exterior
  • Living room walls fireplace, carpet and wood trims
  • Morticia’s wicker chair
  • Look development on interior furniture such as the coffee table.
  • Cousin Itt


Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

At Wow Unlimited Media/Rainmaker Entertainment I worked as Character Surfacing Lead involving look development of skin shading for all characters, surfacing of multiple costumes and hair and fur grooms for a majority of the main cast. Some of my work is featured in the clip below.

Breakdown from this specific clip:
skin shader development to final look – all characters
costumes – Nikki and Teresa
hair grooms and shading – Nikki, Mom, Dad, Poppy Reardon and various fixes on other styles

Some more of my groom work on the show includes: a squirrel, barbie styles including beach waves and a ponytail, a baby and a toddler, a cat, two horses (fur adapted/updated from older versions and re-groomed manes), background characters

Some more of my costume work includes barbie’s denim jacket and cupcake challenge outfit, renee and nikki’s swimsuits.

Barbie Puppy Chase

During my time at Wow Unlimited Media/Rainmaker Entertainment, I worked on environments for the 2016 direct-to-DVD feature Barbie and Her Sisters in a Puppy Chase. My contributions included some major set-pieces as featured below as well additional grass ground cover using proprietary fur systems and a variety of props.

Zipline Station, Rock Wall, Palm tree and Hut Roof
Zipline Station and Ground
Stage Floor
Puppy SUV Interior – all expect couch and bunk bed
Climbing Wall, Vines, Ground and Grass
Climbing Wall and Vines
Climbing Wall, Vines, Ground and Grass